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The PMP certification exam is a 4 hour, 200 question marathon. Practicing sample exam questions is a key to passing the PMP exam. If you are preparing for the PMP exam, I recommend that you attempt at least 2500 sample questions before you go for the real thing. Moreover, you must attempt at least 3 full-length sample exams. This will condition your mind and body for the marathon that the PMP exam is. Here's a list of more than 7000 best free sample questions for the PMP certification exam from more than 60 sources around the web.

Updated: Oct 18, 2015

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  1. .. this is a free site where tests can be taken on each individual knowledge area.

  2. @ Anonymous:

    Thanks for sharing that link.

    I had a quick glance. I saw terms likes "Quality Planning", "Quality Assurance", which tells me that the questions have not been updated for PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition.

  3. Hey Everyone,

    I was just solving some questions from and either the questions seem convoluted or the answers seem wrong. Is it possible for someone to validate if these questions are representative of the actual PMP exam and also if the quality of the questions are good?

  4. Hi Harwinder,

    I tried few Voight project solutions random 10 questions test and noticed that their references to PMBOK in answers is not correct. Just wondering if these questions are updated for 4th version. Can anyone please validate it?



  5. Hello Jagjit,

    The Voight Project Solutions exams have been around for several years and it's likely that some (or all) questions have not been updated to the PMBOK Guide, 4th edition. If you don't feel confident about them, just give them a pass. There are many other good sample exams in the list above. I'll try to review the VPS exams again, and if they are not up to date, I'll drop them from the recommended list.

    I'm also keen to know what others think.

    Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

  6. Hi Harwinder,
    I did PM study exams 1 free and 3 paid and scored 86-88% in all the four exams. But i found their questions are pretty easy to answer with the good reading knowledge of PMBOK. In the most of the LL people have stated that PMstudy exams are very close to real exam. Are there any reliable sites like pmstudy

  7. These questions are good and similar to

  8. Another Good site for PMP Sample Questions.

  9. I'm sorry but cexams was not a good link, it had a lot of errors in it, and a lot of the questions were written wrong.

  10. Thanks, Anonymous for your feedback on the exam link. I really want to implement a rating system for each sample exam set, but I'm concerned that it might encourage spammers to promote their own links (by giving them high ratings).

    I invite feedback from all the readers on how to best implement a system that will allow genuine exam aspirants to rate the sample exams and bring the best sets to the top.

    Looking forward to some good feedback.

  11. Hi Harwinder,

    I wanted to thank you for this great site! I have learned from a lot of sources on this site (as well as taken a course in my home country) and today I PASSED the exam.

    Wanted to thank you for gathering great exercise for the future PMP's.

  12. Hello Kira,

    Congratulations !! I'm really glad to hear that. You may not realize it, but each "thank you" note that I receive from successful candidates like you, feels like a personal success to me, and spurs me on.

    So, thank you for sharing this good news.

    Would you do me a favor now? Please go to PMP Exam Lessons Learned and post your lessons learned.

    Also connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook (the networking information is available at the bottom of this page).

    Keep in touch, and good luck for future.

  13. Hi Harwinder,

    I have couple of doubts in Oliver Lehmann 75 sample questions:
    19 - collocation for global spread virtual team. is it possible?
    22 - was there any dispute at this stage? detailed IA may be required
    23 - Not clear

    Please can you clarify?


  14. Hello Nitin,

    19 - Co-location seems to be the best option among the given options. Whether it's possible is not clear from the question.

    22 - I don't quite agree with the given answer. There is not much indication of a dispute. The change can be handled through a change request if both parties agree. Even though it's a Fixed Price (FP) contract, it can have changes. This is what the PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition says for FP contracts:

    "Changes in scope can be accommodated, but generally at an increase in contract price."

    23 - The wording seems ambiguous and I have no explanation for the correct answer.

    I encourage other readers to pitch in.


  15. As a project manager, you are responsible for managing changes to the project scope. If, at the end of the project, a customer wants a major change in the scope of work, you should:

    Choice 1 Reject the change

    Choice 2 Make the required change

    Choice 3 Escalate the matter to senior management

    Choice 4 Let the customer know about the impact of the change

    Correct Choice : 4

    Justification :

    If there is a major change to the project, the project manager should try to influence the change to minimize the impact on the project. Usually the project manager is advised to do the following:

    1. Evaluate the impact of the change within the team.
    2. Help the customer (or person requesting the change) understand the impact of the change.
    3. If changes are in fact required, then open a change control and get the request approved. Obviously, you will have to inform the management and the change control board about the impact of the changes.
    4. If the change control board approves changes, then make appropriate changes in the project plan.

    Reference: study notes

    Choice 1 should be appropriate as customer is requested change at the END of the project.
    Please comment


  16. Hi Harwinder,

    Thank you for this site and all the useful links to sample exams, questions, etc.... it really really helped me to pass the examn (today actually)
    I did all my practice based on your site ... you have made my PMP preparation and life much easier with this site

    Thank you!

  17. Hello Jorgelina,

    That's an awesome news. Congratulations !!

    I'm glad to hear that you found this site useful. I request you to take a few minutes out and post your lessons learned on the PMP Lessons Learned page.


  18. Hey Harwinder,

    Great site and thanks for all the info. I cleared my PMP exam today with a grading of Proficient in all the process groups. You really have some great articles in this website and very useful links to questions (Free and Paid).

    Thanks again for all the stuff in this site!



    1. Congratulations, Rajesh. Proficient in all domains is a great achievement. Please share your lessons learned on the PMP lessons learned. I'm sure people would love to know your formula for success.

      Thanks so much for your positive comments and encouragement.

      All the best for your future endeavors.

  19. Thanks for this website!
    I might have posted this already but just in case I didn't...
    I found the below blog with free PMP exam questions based on PMBOK 4th ed. They were not easy to crack!

    Onwards to get PMI certified!

    1. I checked today and this site is not updated for PMBOK 5.

  20. Hi,

    here is another website featuring 50 free PMP exam questions (1 hour graded exam).

    All questions are updated for PMBOK fifth edition, that is the latest version of the PMP exam. All the questions are quite tough, they cover all of the PMBOK knowledge areas and were cross checked by me and another PMP. The website offers also free tips for the PMP exam.

    I would like to have this website added to your list, many thanks