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  Review of Whizlabs PMP Exam Simulator Software

UPDATE: This product has been discontinued by Whizlabs. Read this post.

I used the Whizlabs PMP Exam Simulator to earn my 35 PDUs for the PMP exam and here's my feedback:
  1. Their customer service is very good.
  2. It is a good mechanism for earning PDUs quickly and economically.
  3. Quality of questions is mediocre (overall). It does not compare too well with other sources like Rita's Fastrack, Oliver Lehmann, pmstudy (free 200 question exam). I scored in the 78-89% range on the 5 Whizlabs mock exams even when I was not very well prepared and was completing the tests in 2 to 2.5 hrs.
  4. Tons of grammatical error. Many of the questions are poorly worded.
  5. Many of the questions are exactly the same as in Rita's Fastrack CD.
  6. Many questions are repeated multiple times in the same exam (duplicates).
  7. There are bugs in the simulator software. For example, the "Bookmarks" feature does not work properly. This is how it was supposed to work: User can bookmark any question (from the 5 exams) while he/she is taking the exam and can review all the bookmarked questions from all the 5 exams anytime after the exams. User can also run a test of only the "bookmarked" questions. The feature was really good but only if it had worked properly. There are bugs in the tool due to which the bookmarked questions get replaced with other questions arbitrarily.
  8. Some erroneous questions, for example, questions with only 2 choices or incomplete questions.
Having said all this, it is still not too bad overall and I think it did help me pass the exam. After all, it is offering 1000 odd questions and even if you find 100 good questions, it is still worth the price. At least, it helps you uncover some of the weak areas.

Note: You can download a trial version of this software from the Whizlabs website and try it before purchasing.

Hope it helps.

Last Update: Feb 6, 2016

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