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  Quick Review of PMSoft Webinar

I attended a free webinar (worth 2 PDUs) from PMSoft on "Changes in PMBOK Fourth Edition" today. Here's a quick review for folks who didn't attend the session today but might be interested to attend their webinars in future.

  1. It was a Webex-based session. The connectivity was smooth but the initial Webex client download was a bit slow (it might be due to my connection).
  2. The session had Powerpoint-like slides and the presenter was talking them through.
  3. The participants could interact through audio (microphone), chat, or clicking on buttons (yes, no, etc.) on the screen.
  4. Session had no technical glitches except very minor audio problems once in a while. But those could also have been due to my connection.
  5. The presenter was from India and talked in Indian accent. His speech, however, was quite clear. I had no problems understanding his words.
  6. The information provided was well structured and detailed.
  7. The changes to PMBOK were covered well and I found the session useful overall. However, it would have been even better if the presenter had shared some insight on how the changes are better aligned with the current Project Management practices and how the practitioners perceive the changes.
  8. I also felt that the slides were a bit inadequate especially when he was referring to sections from the third edition of PMBOK. Perhaps, he could have created 2 slides - "before" and "after" - for each section that was changed, so that participants could see the changes more clearly.
  9. The duration of the session was published as 3 hours but it finished in 1 hr 30 mins, including a 10 min break. They should rectify this and publish the correct duration in future so that participants can plan their time accordingly.
  10. The participation was a bit low (less than 20) and there weren't a lot of questions or interactions from the participants. The presenter also did not attempt to encourage the audience to participate more.
  11. The PDU certificates would be sent to all the participants through email.

Overall, I would give it 7 out of 10.

The next session is scheduled for April 18, 2009, and it's on Effective Decision Making. You can get more details here.

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