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  Whizlabs PMP Exam Simulator - Discontinued

Update for PMP Aspirants looking for 35 Contact Hours:

Whizlabs has discontinued their PMP Exam Simulator product for PMBOK version 3. They informed me in an email that as of now they have no plans to launch a newer version based on PMBOK version 4.

Whizlabs PMP Exam Simulator was one of two "economical" options for PMP aspirants to achieve 35 Contact Hours. Fortunately, there is a better (economical) option, which is BrainBOK PMP Exam Simulator.

If you are aware of other good and economical options to achieve Contact Hours, post your comments below and let me know.

Btw, this is not an April Fool's day hoax :)

Last Update: Feb 6, 2016


  1. Guys Whizlabs has updated version on Online exam simulator based on PMBOK- 4 and you can buy it on the website

  2. I can tell you whizlabs online exam still bad, i just bought it 1 month ago , compare to R__X Exam Prep , whizlabs contain many wordy question, and many terms not exist on real world exam. but it really a cheap method to got PDU, otherwise for exam prepare is not good.

    1. Hi Ming,

      Thanks for sharing your feedback on Whizlab content. I hope they'll take notice and work on improving their offering.

      Best regards.


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