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  Does one need to memorize ITTOs for the PMP Exam?

One of the most frequently asked questions by PMP aspirants is whether one needs to 'memorize' Inputs, Tools and Techniques, and Outputs (ITTO) for the PMP exam. If you ask experienced Project Managers, their answer would be a resounding 'NO'. They will go on and tell you that you only need to understand the principles and concepts behind PM Processes and ITTOs, and everything will fall in place. If you ever mention that you believe in memorizing the ITTOs, in a good PM forum, you are bound to get ostracized.

Update 1/1/2011: Worried about ITTOs for the PMP exam? Check out:

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I do believe that there's some hypocrisy at play and many don't admit what they actually did. If you ask the same question to a very close friend, you might get a more personal and honest answer.

In my opinion, you do need to have a good conceptual understanding of the ITTOs. You simply cannot memorize all the ITTOs. However, if you find certain nuances, which aren't obvious to you, you might want to take a (mental) note of them before the exam. Is this called memorization? I don't know.

I decided to conduct a new survey to solicit readers' opinion on this matter. Go ahead and express your opinion and also find out what others think about this. The survey is totally anonymous and nobody is going to send you hate-mail if you answer one way or the other. So, be honest.

Does one need to memorize ITTOs for the PMP Exam?

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  1. A combination of conceptual understanding and memorization is the key


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