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  250 Free Project Management Books for PMI Members

Many PMP aspirants who sign up for PMI membership for the sole purpose of saving money on the certification cost, do not know that PMI membership also gives them free online access to over 250 Project Management books with free membership of books24x7. Many who do know about books24x7, don't really know how to access this resource. And PMI, as usual, is very good at making their website layout as unintuitive as possible. So, here's how you access books24x7. Remember, you need to be PMI member in order to access this resource.

Note: To know more about other benefits of PMI Membership, read 10 Benefits of PMI Membership.

Step-by-step Guide to PMP

How to Become a PMP in 6 Steps

1. Go to, enter your login credentials, and click "Log In" button.

2. After successful login, click on "Resources" button in the top menu bar.

3. Click on "Go to eReads & Reference" button on the bottom left side of your screen. This is the tricky part. I've no idea why they would want to disguise this link so well.

4. Click on "My Home" on PMI eReads and Reference page. This is straight-forward. I'm sure you didn't need my help for this.

5. Browse the books by topics.

Look out for my next post on specific books on books24x7 that can help you for your PMP Exam preparation.

Happy reading !!

PMP Certification FAQs

100+ FAQs about PMP Certification

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  1. Nice informative piece of work Brain, congrats

  2. Harry.. Can you re-post the books availble in books24x7 related to exam prep..

  3. Looks like PMI has redesigned their site since the time your article was published. It has a different look and feel though. But its not harder to locate the ereads page... Atleast I know that they have a different look couple of years back than now.. :)


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