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  How can I avoid PMP Application Audit?

You cannot. There's nothing you can do to avoid your application from getting audited. PMI randomly selects a small percentage (about 10%) of applications for audit.

However, you can take some steps to prepare yourself to face the audit and ensure that the audit goes through smoothly, in case your application gets audited.

Here's my recommendation - this needs to be followed before you submit your application.

To ensure that your audit goes smoothly, the best practice is to establish contact with all the people whose name you intend to list as your managers/supervisors on your PMP application.

Let them know that you are applying for PMP certification and you want to list their name on the application form as your manager/supervisor. Remind them of the projects, which you did under their supervision, and intend to include on your application. Tell them about the audit process and the possibility that you might need their help to verify your experience, in case your application gets audited. Request their current contact details such as contact number and office address. Also tell them that PMI might contact them through phone or email to verify your experience.

If you are unable to contact them, or get their concurrence on your application due to any reason, look for alternatives even before you file your application. If you follow this practice, and fill your application truthfully, you don't have anything to fear from the audit. It will also take away lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety, and help you prepare better.

Good luck and thanks for reading.

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  1. how accurate one need to be to fili those number hours as experience in each process (planning, closing etc..)

  2. Hi 'Anonymous',

    That's a good question.

    You have to be as accurate as reasonably possible in filling up those hours. Of course, no one can be 100% accurate in capturing 4500-7500 hrs of experience in different process groups. It's always an approximation.

    Let me answer your question in a different way too by asking you another question. What happens during an audit? One of the requirements of the audit is to get your PM experience details, which you submitted as part of your application, verified by your managers/supervisors on the projects you mentioned in your application.

    As long as your managers/supervisors can "approve" your details and put their signature to verify them, you are fine.

    Hope this answers your question.

  3. Harwinder Sir, My name is Sreekanth
    I need your help regarind my CAPM Application audit process.
    I paid my fee on 1st July and i was almost tensed to see that my application is in audit process.
    can you pleaseeeeeeeee guide me with this
    I have paid my fee and bought books with my savings in my first job. Hope this says you how important this exam is for me.
    I mentioned my Summer Internship with Lafarge India and my current job as planning engg as my work exp.
    Now on June 22nd I had quit my job with my parents support, in a way to give my full time to prep for this exam.
    Do i need to Send my Original Certificates to PMI ? In that case i need them for my future purposes :( so it'll be prob for me to give originals.
    Please do suggest the right way for me to go through this auditing process with clean hands.
    kindly guide me sir. .

  4. Hello Sreekanth,

    First, calm down. You don't need to worry. PMI should have sent you an email with details of the audit requirements. You do NOT need to submit any original documents. Photocopies are sufficient. The audit process for CAPM isn't as complex as for the PMP. Simply follow the instructions given by PMI, and you should be fine.

    Please send me an email using the "Contact Form" on the "Contact Me" page if you need more help.

    Good luck.

  5. I am done with my audit :). Next step is to schedule the exam.

    Actually its not as scary as the word " audit " sounds.

    I had sent the documents the way PMI wants me to ( signed by respective persons and seal them, again sign on sealed cover etc.. ) and had also attached the printout of an excel sheet which is an abstract of all my qualifications and experience details.

    Once it reached PMI, i got mail very next day saying that my application audit is done and i can schedule my exam

  6. There is nothing to worry about the audit if you meet the requirements. It is more like adouble check, they do not come knocking at your door demanding documents, they just pursue your references and ensure they match up.

  7. Yep agreed, the audit is nothing to be concerned about. Of course proper checking of dicuments ensures you do not have the delay and hastle of having to go through it but I would not be overly worried by it. If you meet the requirements you will get in.


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