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  How do I Comply with PMP Application Audit?

In the previous article, When do I know my PMP Application has been Selected for an Audit?, we looked at where the audit fits into the PMP application process. In this article, we'll review the steps to comply with the audit.

If your application gets selected for an audit, the email that you will receive from PMI will also have instructions to comply with the audit. The steps to comply with the audit are:
  1. Download the "audit package" from PMI Online Certification System.

  2. Print the forms in the audit package.

  3. Get signatures from your manager(s) / supervisor(s) on the Experience Verification form.
    • For each project listed on the experience verification section of your application, you need to get physical (not electronic) signatures from the respective manager(s) / supervisor(s) on those projects. Each manager/supervisor should sign a separate copy of the form. For example, if you have different managers on two projects, you need to get two forms signed, one from each manager. But if you had the same manager on more than one project, he/she can sign against multiple projects on the same form.

    • After signing the form, the manager/supervisor needs to put the form in an envelope, seal it, sign at the back of the envelope across the sealed portion of the flap, and return it to you. Note: Make sure that they return the form to you, and not send it to PMI directly.

  4. Make photocopies of your diploma/degree certificates.

  5. Make photocopies of the certificates or letters from the training provider(s) for the 35 Contact Hours of Project Management education.

  6. Put all the envelopes and photocopies in a large envelope and send it to PMI, either through regular postal mail or courier service, at the following address:

    Attn.: Certification Audit
    14 Campus Blvd.
    Newtown Square, PA 19073-3299 USA
Note: PMI will not accept faxed or e-mailed audits documents. Send all the material together, in one envelope, to expedite the processing.

I'll be posting a few more articles to cover some finer details of the audit process. Stay tuned.

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  1. Hi

    One quick question which is not related to this post

    I would like to start my preparation for CAPM. Can I become a PMI member even if I want to do the exam not for another 6 months?

    In other words, Is there any time constraint to take the exam CAPM/PMP if i become the member of PMI?

    I would appreciate if you clarify this

  2. Hello Naykka,

    I overlooked your comment until today.

    Yes, you can become a PMI member now if you plan to take the exam after 6 months also.

    PMI membership is valid for 1 year. Make sure that you sign up for the exam within one year to avail the discount.

    Your exam date could be even beyond one year. Your application has to be approved within that one year and you should pay-up for the exam within that one year.

    All the best.


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