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I've created a new blog - PMP Certification Tips - for sharing links to useful resources related to PMP Certification. It's essentially a link-sharing blog where you can find links to sample exams, lessons learned, tools, tips, tutorials, re-certification PDU and tons of other resources.

The new blog will serve as a replacement for the "Daily Nuggets" section on this (main) blog. 234 links have been migrated from the "Daily Nuggets" section to the new blog.

There are multiple benefits to having a separate blog and posting each link as a new blog post, over posting multiple links on the same blog post, such as:
  1. If multiple links are posted on the same blog post, it's not possible to categorize individual posts by labels. I realized that it was becoming almost impossible to search for relevant links in the Daily Nuggets section. It was gradually transforming into a mammoth pile of junk and losing it's usefulness.

    With the new blog, each link is posted on a separate blog post and has relevant labels against it. You can easily search for links related to the topic of your interest, either through the label cloud or the flat list of categories. Refer to the screenshots below.
  2. You can subscribe to feeds on the new blog via RSS or email, and have the links delivered to your inbox daily.
  3. Having a separate post for each link makes it easy for you to post comments on individual links.
  4. It's easy for you to bookmark and share links of your interest.
  5. It's substantially less maintenance work for me.
You can get to the new blog by clicking on the "PMP TIPS" link on the navigation bar at the top. I'll continue to maintain the "Daily Tips" section on the sidebar of this main blog that will show the latest tip from the new blog. I hope you find the move useful. If you have other suggestions, do let me know.

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  1. Hi.. One sugesstion.. The Font size which is using in your website should be little smaller...


  2. Dear Harwinder,

    Its nice that you opened a seperate section for PMP study tips (daily nuggets), however If you make categorise each link by Process groups or knowledge areas, then it will be very easy to find for reader reference.


  3. Hello Anonymous,

    1. Regarding the font size, do you mean it's too big? Are you sure it's not your browser setting problem? So far, I haven't heard anybody complain about font size. Generally it's better to have it on the bigger side, because not everyone in the world is blessed with a perfect eyesight. But, thanks for the feedback anyways.

    2. I like the suggestion of categorizing the posts by Process Groups and Knowledge Areas. I'll try to implement it soon.

    Thanks for the feedback on both matters.

  4. Hi,

    Regarding font size, Its not too big, but I mean,if you make it in small size, you can present more data in one page so that readers are no need run his/her eyes to find what they are looking for here and there.and also they dont need to scroll down to read each paragraph. Most of the people nowdays use small screen Laptops.For example, you can check the website I feel eventhough not everyone blessed with perfect eyes, I am sure most of the readers are blessed with perfect eyes.right?

  5. I cannot subscribe via RSS; it keeps me giving updates about your main site, and not about the "Blog for PMP Certification Tips"

  6. @ Anonymous: Thanks for bringing the subscribe issue to my notice. The RSS link under "Bookmark and Share" section was pointing to the main blog. I guess that's the one you were trying to use.

    I've fixed it now. You should be able to subscribe now.

    You can also use this link:


    Thanks again.

  7. @Anonymous - I can't also sometimes got an error on trying to subscribe, but after few refresh I finally got it.
    Anyway thanks for this blog, I'll be recommending this to my friend who will be taking certification soon.


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