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  Deep Fried Brain is Alive Again :)

I’m finally back after a good 11 week break. I cannot believe that I spent nearly 3 months away from my baby (Deep Fried Brain), whom you could not separate from me for more than 3 hours. Did you think that I dropped my baby and walked away? Well if you did, you couldn’t be blamed because I neglected my beloved baby so badly. Neither did I feed it nor did I tuck it into the blanket and kiss it good night everyday, like I used to do earlier. I haven’t published a new blog post since Sep 3. On top of that, I wasn’t keeping up with the comments and emails. So why such apathy toward something I'm so passionate about?

The first 3 weeks were consumed by my house move, and the next 2 were spent with the family (they really needed it). That leaves me with 6 weeks. Now that’s the part I really want to talk about. Obviously I didn’t sit idle during this time. So the question still remains - what was I really up to? If you have read this far, then I’m sure you are keen to find out.

Let’s just say I have a second baby now. In fact, it’s a baby girl. A very sweet, tender, charming and cute little angel. Yes, Deep Fried Brain has a sister now. Obviously, as with any parent, all my babies are equally dear to me. It’s just that the little one required more attention in the past few weeks.

Now I’m not going to introduce you to my new baby just yet. She’s still too young to be exposed to the outside world. And I’m also not telling you her name either. But, I promise that you’ll see her and be able to hold her in your hands very soon. I also promise to those who love Deep Fried Brain, that you are going to love its sister as much, if not more.

I’m going to stop here now because the baby is crying and calling for my attention. But before I leave, I want to thank you for all the love you have given to this site. I really appreciate every bit of it.

Good luck to all who are preparing for the PMP exam. I assure you that I have something really exciting coming your way. More updates following soon ...

Image credit: Flickr / Priki

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  1. Ha, now that you have a real kid, welcome to the world of PROGRAM management!!!

    Congratulations anyway (not only to you, but to Mom, who did the hard part!!) and you can start to look forward to that first "project" in your program, teaching her to walk....... Then there's potty training...... And getting dressed by herself and tying her shoes so she can enter elementary school.... Then there is high school, university and the really expensive project, getting her married...... All of which is going to severely test your COST ESTIMATING and BUDGETING skills!!!

    Wow!!! Damn glad that is over for ME!!! (5 kids and 5 grandkids!!)

    Dr. PDG, Jakarta

  2. Dr. PDG,

    Thanks for your good wishes. I have to tell you that I'm the MOM too !! You really cracked me up :))) Did you seriously think that I had a real kid? I was just referring to something I had been working on (which I'm going to share with you soon), and it was getting so much of my time and attention.

    BTW, I already have a boy and he's 5 now. So, I definitely enjoyed reading your message :)

    It's great to hear from you as always.

    Talk to you soon.

  3. Grat's on the new addition. Kids are truly a blessing.

    I found this site just a day before I sat for the PMP in October. Needless to say I didn't pass but I'm more determined now than ever to learn as much as I can before sitting again in a couple months. I've been combing this site since then picking up on my weaknesses. I'm just glad that you kept it up during your time away for other aspiring PMP's. Thanks.

  4. Congrats Harwinder .... welcome back .. waiting for your new posts ... I cleared my PMP on Nov 3rd, and wanted to thank you for having all this in one place... I think I should to start off some thing like this .. and do not mind being the second best .. coz your deep fried brain is the best ..


  5. Hi,

    I cleared PMP on March 5th, 2012. It was amazing experience to see the results. Thank you for giving such a wonderful motivation and information and guidance for doing the certification.

    Take Care
    Trupti Nerkar

    1. Congratulations, Trupti. I can sense your joy and relief. I'm glad to be of help. Please post your lessons learned on our new forum PM Hangout. Now it's your chance to help others.

      I wish you more success in future ...


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