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  Common Theme among PMP Lessons Learned Posts

PMP Lessons Learned Sharing lessons learned after taking the PMP exam has become a ritual. It's our way of paying back to the community that helped us in achieving the PMP credential. These lessons learned are a great asset for anyone preparing for the exam. I developed the habit of reading every lessons learned post that I came across, during my prep. days and it continues until this day. It helped me pass the exam then and it helps me keep up with the latest developments now. I have literally read more than 100 such posts in the last year itself. As everyone's experience is unique, there's always something unique in each post. However, there's also a common underlying theme in these posts. In this article, I'm going to share that common theme. The purpose is to help you focus your effort on the important aspects of the exam, and not get carried away with everything and anything that you read or hear. Before we get started, a small disclaimer - please use this information at your own discretion (what-worked-for-me-may-not-work-for-you).