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  Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

Quality Assurance vs Quality ControlThe difference between Quality Assurance and Quality Control is one of the most frequently asked questions and among the most commonly confused concepts for the PMP exam. Going by the emails and comments I receive, I'm sure many of you are interested in this topic. In this post, we'll look at the differences with the help of a quiz.

Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  10 Articles which every PMP Aspirant must Read

When I started this blog last year, the articles were focused on the PMP certification process like how to become a PMP, FAQs, audits etc. As time went on, I started focusing more on exam preparation, tips and study notes. The older posts got buried. For regular visitors, it's not an issue as they know their way around the site well. But for new visitors, who are still finding their feet in the PMP universe, those older posts are more relevant. This article is an attempt to bring those stalwart posts of this blog back on top once again.
Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  Standard Deviation and Project Duration Estimates

Standard Deviation Project Estimation and PERT (Part 9): Standard deviation is a statistical concept that gives a measure of the 'spread' of the values of a random variable around the mean of a distribution. It shows how much variation there is from the average or the mean value. The more the variation, the more the uncertainty or risk in the process. In the article Probability and Statistics in Projects, we learned that PERT assumes that the expected duration of the project follows the normal distribution. By calculating the PERT estimate (mean) and standard deviation of the project duration estimate, we can calculate the probability of completing the project within a given duration. How that works is explained in this article.
Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  Quality Assurance vs Quality Control Quiz

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Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  PMP Quiz Contest - Activity Duration Estimates

Activity Duration Estimate Free Sample Questions for PMP Certification Project Estimation and PERT (Part 8): The expected duration of your project is 48 days and standard deviation is 4 days. Your management wants to know the project duration estimate with a 95% confidence level. What estimate would you give them? I’m not going to answer this question just yet. In fact, I’m going to challenge you to solve it. We have gone through the theory and now is the time for some exam practice. Today we are going to try something new - sample questions - which we haven’t done before on this site. Yes, sample questions in the form of a quiz. You can even win cool PM Prep Flashcards and other prizes for doing well on the quiz.

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