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  Review of PM Exam Simulator (1800 Sample Questions based on PMBOK Guide, Fifth Ed)

Review of PM Exam Simulator PM Exam Simulator Review: So you have been looking for a good PMP Exam Simulator and haven't been able to decide which one to buy. I can understand your dilemma. There are just too many of them out there and each claims to be the best and the most realistic PMP exam simulator. It's certainly not an easy choice.

Today I had a chance to test drive a new PMP exam simulator - PM Exam Simulator - from the publisher of the ground-breaking PM Prepcast. I spent the most part of the day testing the tool. In this post, I'm going to share my experience and views about this new tool, and hopefully help to confuse you more, oops, I mean help you make an informed decision.

Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  80+ Commonly Confused Concepts for PMP Certification

Commonly confused concepts for PMP and CAPM Certification Recently I started a discussion in PMP Cert Online Study Group on the topic - Commonly Confused Concepts (for the PMP and CAPM Certification Exams). The topic resonated really well with forum members and within couple days, we had 75 items on the list. In this post, I'm sharing that list with you. The list is meant to serve as a "checklist" for PMP and CAPM aspirants.

I realize that not every item on the list would be confusing to every one. Therefore, I have set up a survey for you to vote for the items that you find most confusing. The result of the survey would serve as a guideline for those preparing for the exam.

Many of the concepts have been explained on this blog previously and I've linked the items to the respective posts. Answers to many others can be found in the PMBOK Guide itself. Regarding the remaining items, I'll address the ones which receive a significant number of votes. You can also expect to see many of these items on BrainBOK in the form of sample questions and flashcards.

If you are preparing for the PMP or CAPM exam, my humble advice to you is to make sure that you understand these concepts well, before you go for the exam.