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  PMP Exam Change 2016: New Topics and Study Guidance (Part 2)

PMP Exam Change 2016: New topics to study, what has changed PMP Exam Change 2016 (Part 2): In Part 1, we learned about PMI's Role Delineation Study (RDS), PMP Exam Content Outline, PMBOK Guide, and PMP Handbook, and how these influence the PMP Exam. We have all heard that 8 new tasks have been added, few tasks have been modified, and some deleted from the PMP Exam Content Outline. I'll not go into the full laundry list here. Rather, I'll be focusing on the key theme, and provide a list of the new topics that you need to focus on for the new exam. At the end, I'll also provide some guidance for PMP aspirants to help them align their preparation to the new changes. Let's get rolling.
Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  PMI Books24x7 (eReads and Reference) is Dead

PMI Books24x7 Permanently Shutdown For the past few days, PMI's Books24x7 site has been down. The website says "We're Sorry - will be back soon." This website used to provide more than 250 project management books, many of which are extremely useful for PMP, CAPM, and PMI-ACP exam prep. The access to this website was free for PMI members and was one of the top benefits of PMI membership. I have several blog posts that link to this site. I waited for a few days and finally sent a message to PMI on Twitter enquiring about the status.
Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  PMI - Wake Up! PMP Handbook is Out of Date since Jan 12, 2016

It's been more than a month since PMP Exam changed (Jan 12, 2016). But Project Management Institute (PMI) is yet to update the PMP Handbook to reflect the changes. Apart from this, the handbook has other glaring errors, which can mislead or confuse PMP aspirants. Such errors are unpardonable given the popularity of PMP Certification across the globe and the multi-billion dollar industry around it.

Through this short post, I aim to raise awareness among the PMP aspirants about the out-of-date portions of the PMP Handbook and nudge PMI out of slumber and get its act together.
Deep Fried Brain PMP CAPM PMI-ACP Certification Blog

  PMP Exam Change 2016: RDS, Content Outline, PMBOK and Handbook - I'm So Confused! (Part 1)

PMP Exam Change: RDS and PMP Exam Content Outline Updates vs PMBOK Guide Updates PMI updated the PMP exam on January 12, 2016 to align with the latest PMP Exam Content Outline, June 2015. PMI announced that 25% of the exam questions were updated as a result of this change. Does it mean that my PMP exam preparation need to change? Does my exam prep material also change by 25%? What are the new topics on the exam? Where do I get the study material for the new topics? Should I wait for a few months before taking the new exam? Has the exam passing score changed? What is this Role Delineation Study (RDS) thing? Is the PMP exam still based on PMBOK Guide or is it now based on the PMP Exam Content Outline (what's the difference between the two, BTW)? If you have any of these questions, this post is for you.

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