PM Study - Blacklisted for Spamming and Shady Marketing Tactics

My blog had been receiving non-stop SPAM comments from the marketing team of PM Study. I sent them at least 10 emails requesting them to refrain from such practices. However, I did not receive a single response. I tried to find a contact number on their website, but there was none. After exhausting all options, I decided to write to PMI, since PM Study claims to be a PMI-Registered Education Provider (REP). I sent a tweet to PMI and received a prompt reply with a link to a complaint form. I duly filed the complaint against PM Study and provided supporting information. Within 2 days, PMI sprung into action. They have outsourced such matters to a third-party. A representative from that company wrote to PM Study asking for an explanation.

Mr. Tridibesh Sathpathy, CEO of PM Study, responded to the complaint in a very rude and condescending manner, and copied the email to me (I wasn’t on the copy on the original email sent to them through the PMI rep). First, he clearly denied that his company had anything to do with the SPAM. Then he mocked me for not knowing how to manage a blog and even went on to tell me to close down the blog! Well, I politely told him to keep his advise to himself and told him that I’ll communicate further through PMI.

However, before going back to PMI, I decided to do some more investigation in order to gather clinching evidence against PM Study. I discovered that some “fake” profiles, which were used for posted spam on my blog, were linked to another company called SM Study. No marks for guessing who runs that company. Ultimately, I was able to establish the link between PM Study and the spam comments. I compiled all the evidence into a package and sent it to PMI.

Thankfully, the spam stopped the same day I received those arrogant responses from Mr. Sathpathy. However, I’m still pursuing the matter with PMI and hoping that they take some action against PM Study for indulging in such unethical and shady practices.

In the meanwhile, I have removed all links to PM Study’s site from my blog. That’s the least I could do in response to all the niceties shown by Mr. Sathpathy.

I’ll post further updates here once I get a response from PMI.

Update - Jun 20, 2016: I had a few email exchanges with PMI, but the last email quoted below summarizes their overall response to the matter. Basically, PM Study got away without any action.

Per PMI, "PMI does not release the internal details or information pertaining to complaints, issues, etc. of another R.E.P."

PMI feels the issue was addressed.

Thank you for reaching out.