Deep Fried Brain Project is the world’s first-ever blog dedicated to PMP® Certification exam prep. I started this blog in early 2008 after I achieved my PMP certification, with a desire to help other PMP aspirants around the world. Back in those days, there were hardly any good websites or blogs dedicated to PMP, and this blog filled the void.

The blog’s original name was “Deep Fried Brain PMP”, but PMI arm-twisted me to remove PMP from the name. Being a small fish I had to budge, and renamed the blog to “Deep Fried Brain Project”.

Few years later, the focus was expanded to CAPM® Certification as it gained in popularity among those looking for a foot in the door to project management. In 2013 when I achieved Certified Scrum Master (CSM) and PMI-ACP® Certifications, I started to write about Agile, Scrum and PMI-ACP as well.

I was extremely passionate (I still am in many ways) about sharing my knowledge and experience on this blog in the early years. I would spend all my free time researching the most complex project management concepts and distilling them for other PMP Certification aspirants.

The blog enjoyed great success between 2009-2012 with thousands of visitors each day. However, eventually others (they know who they are) started copying my model, plagiarizing and regurgitating my content, optimizing it for search engines and stole my thunder!

From 2012 onward, I started to spend more time on my other projects and the blog stagnated. But hey it’s 2017, and I’m back with renewed passion, enthusiasm, new ideas and revived love for my beloved baby. I’m starting with a complete refresh of the blog theme and a completely new content structure. You can look forward to lots of fresh content in coming weeks and months.

Thanks for reading if you have come this far.

My Mission

Help project managers achieve their career goals by helping them earn project management certification using the most efficient, effective, economical and ethical means.

Harwinder Singh
PMP® | PMI-ACP® | Certified ScrumMaster®