Lesser known means to earn 35 Contact Hours for PMP Certification

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Earn 35 Contact Hours for PMP Certification

When it comes to earning 35 PDUs for PMP Certification, most people think that some form of specialized training (such as PMP Exam Prep courses, specialized PMP Exam simulator, or Podcasts-based programs), which is focused on PMP Exam, is the only way to get 35 PDUs. However, this is not true.

I came across an article that very nicely describes various other means to get 35 PDUs, which can help you meet the pre-requisites for the PMP Certification.

Means to earn 35 Contact Hours for PMP

Following are some of these means to earn 35 contact hours to meet the formal project management education requirement for PMP certification:

  • PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.s)
  • PMI Component organizations
  • Employer/company-sponsored programs
  • Training companies or consultants
  • Distance-learning companies, including an end-of-course assessment
  • University/college academic and continuing education programmes

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