CAPM Certification Practice Exam Giveaway (FREE)

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CAPM Certification Exam Online Proctoring

BrainBOK is giving away a free full-length CAPM certification practice exam to all CAPM certification aspirants for a limited time. Follow the simple steps given below to claim your free exam.

Steps to Claim the Free Exam

To claim the free exam follow the 3 simple steps:

  1. Comment below to register your interest.
  2. Register on BrainBOK App with a valid email address.
  3. Contact Customer Support with your registered email address for them to add the subscription to your account.

Note for Existing Subscribers

All existing CAPM Pro and CAPM 5-Exam Pack subscribers will get this exam added to their subscription automatically.

The subscribers to other packages can also claim the exam by following the steps giving below.

About the New Exam

The new exam has more focus on the Agile topics compared to our other CAPM practice exams, while ensuring that all the questions are within the scope of the PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition.

The exam also has more multiple-answer questions, and the match-the-following (drag and drop) type questions compared to our other CAPM exams.

They will appreciate your feedback on the new exam.

Limited time offer

This is a limited-time offer and limited redemptions are available. So, claim your free exam soon.

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Please share this offer with your friends and colleagues who may benefit from it.

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Harwinder Singh Avatar

Hello Nyanquoi,

Thanks for your interest. The giveaway is now over, but you can still get 150 free questions for CAPM with the free Mastering PMBOK Exam in the Brainbok app.

My best wishes for your certification!