New Anti-Piracy Features in the PMBOK Guide PDF

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Password protection and name stamping in the PMBOK Guide

I downloaded the PMBOK Guide Fourth edition again (lost my previous copy) and found something very interesting. PMI has embedded 2 new anti-piracy features in the PDF Version of PMBOK Guide to prevent illegal distribution of the standard.

Anti-Piracy Features in the PMBOK Guide

The PMBOK Guide PDF now comes with 2 anti-piracy features.

Password protection

The file is password protected. Each time you open the file, you need to enter your password to view the contents. In the file that I downloaded couple months ago, you had to enter the password only once and the file was unlocked forever. Not anymore.

Name and ID Stamping in PDF

The footer of each page contains the name and PMI ID of the member who owns the copy. See the screenshot below.

PMBOK Guide - Owner Name and PMI ID Stamping in PDF

I think it’s a good move and would help prevent illegal copying and distribution of the guide to some extent.

Why copy when you can get it for FREE?

But why would you take the backdoor when the front gate is open for you? Anyone who’s serious about PMP Certification would be a fool to look for an illegal copy anyway. Read the following article to learn why.

10 Benefits of PMI Membership for PMP aspirants

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Prasanna Avatar

hello - I can download the 6th edition of PMBOK but I cannot print it for reading. I do find it comfortable to read online so I always print my stuff. Is there a way I can print the PDF guide?