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Are you preparing for the CAPM® Certification exam? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of material you need to cover? Look no further! I’m excited to announce the launch of BrainBOK’s new Business Analysis Guide CAPM® Certification - your one-stop solution to mastering business analysis topics for the CAPM® exam.

The Inspiration for the BA Guide for CAPM®

The inclusion of Business Analysis Frameworks (Domain 4) in the CAPM® Certification curriculum has been a major source of frustration and distress among the CAPM® aspirants so much so that many have put off their certification plans until more resource are avaiable to help them master this domain efficiently and effectively.

The CAPM® Certification curriculum now includes Business Analysis (BA) Frameworks in addition to project management fundamentals, core concepts, traditional and agile methodologies. Th BA domain has a 27% weightage on the CAPM® exam. Due to this, the CAPM® Certification curriculum is far wider than that of the PMP® Certification.

The CAPM® aspirants need to study at least two business analysis guides - The PMI Guide to Business Analysis and Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide - in order to cover this 27% portion of the exam. Reading and understanding these two guides to learn business analysis can be very overwhelming especially when your main interest and focus is project management. It can easily take 4-6 weeks of study time and yet you may not get the big picture of how these two disciplines - business analysis and project management - complement each other. Moreover, not many good study resources are available for the business analysis domain that cater specifically to CAPM® Certification.

Based on the feedback we received, we decided to put together a concise BA Guide specifically for CAPM® aspirants to help them ace the business analysis domain confidently. This guide covers precisely what you need to know for the CAPM® exam. It helps you get the big picture of how business analysis and project management complement each other in organizations, and the essential business analysis proceeses, tools, techniques, and artifacts, without overwhelming you with too much information.

And the best part, you can study this guide in about 8 hours and feel far more confident compared to reading the two big PMI® guides over 4-6 weeks.

BrainBOK BA Guide helps you cover 27% of the CAPM content in just 8 hours!

Why Choose this BA Guide?

Our BA guide is meticulously aligned with the latest 2023 CAPM® Exam Content Outline published by PMI®, ensuring you receive up-to-date and relevant information. Here’s how the new guide stands out:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The guide covers all the business analysis topics you need to know, saving you the time and effort of sifting through multiple sources.
  • Time-Efficient: The BA Guide is designed to be consumed in about 8 hours, help you save 2-4 weeks of study time, and approach the exam with confidence.
  • Alternative to PMI® Guides: This guide serves as an effective alternative to reading “The PMI Guide to Business Analysis” and “Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide.”

What’s Inside the BA Guide?

Our BA Guide dives deep into the core aspects of business analysis:

  1. Understanding the Value of Business Analysis in Organizations:
    • Business analysis is a critical discipline that helps organizations identify and articulate the need for change and how to implement it effectively. The guide explains the strategic importance of BA, highlighting how it drives value by ensuring solutions deliver real business benefits.
  2. The Essential Skillset and Expertise Required for the Business Analyst Role:
    • Business analysts must possess a unique blend of skills, including analytical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and stakeholder management. The guide outlines these skills, offering insights into how each contributes to successful business analysis outcomes.
  3. How BA Supports Organizational Objectives:
    • Discover how business analysis aligns with organizational goals by translating business needs into actionable solutions. The guide provides real-world examples of how BA activities directly contribute to achieving strategic objectives and improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. How Business Analysis and Project Management Complement Each Other:
    • Business analysis and project management are distinct but complementary disciplines. The guide clarifies the roles and responsibilities of business analysts and project managers, illustrating how their collaboration drives organizational success.
  5. How Business Analysis lays the foundation for Project Initiation:
    • The guide explains how business analysts contribute to project initiation, from defining product scope and business case to identifying stakeholders and gathering initial requirements.
  6. Business Analysis Processes:
    • Understand the business analysis processes, from needs assessment and planning to solution evaluation and implementation. The guide covers each process, providing a clear roadmap for conducting thorough and effective business analysis.
  7. Essential Tools and Techniques of Business Analysis:
    • Business analysts use a variety of tools and techniques to gather and analyze information, prioritize requirements, and communicate findings. This section delves into key techniques such as elicitation, modeling, prioritization, and analysis, offering practical tips and examples of their application.
  8. Key Business Analysis Artifacts:
    • Business analysis artifacts are crucial for documenting current state, decisions, requirements, and solutions. The guide explains the purpose and content of key artifacts, such as business analysis plan, business case, situation statement, and more, helping you understand their purpose and importance in the business analysis process.

Try Before You Buy

Several sections of the guide are available for FREE without any login requirement. Sample these sections to see if the guide fits your learning style and needs.

Get Started with CAPM® Pro or CAPM® Plus

The BA Guide is included in the CAPM® Pro and CAPM® Plus packages at no additional cost. In addition to the BA Guide, these packages also include other guides to cover all the domains of the CAPM® Exam Content Outline:

  1. CAPM Guide: Covers the CAPM® Exam Content Outline
  2. PM Fundamentals Guide: Covers Domain 1 and 2
  3. Agile Guide: Covers Domain 3
  4. BA Guide: Covers Domain 4
  5. Study Notes: 70+ project management study notes

In addition to the guides, the BrainBOK CAPM® Certification Program includes sample exams, flashcards, and other study tools.

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If you have any questions or comments about the new BA Guide or the CAPM® Certification in general, feel free to post your comments in the section below.

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