Work Performance Information vs Performance Reports (Part 3 of 4)

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In the previous two articles of this series, we looked at Work Performance Information and Work Performance Measurements. In this article, we’ll review Performance Reports.

UPDATE (Oct 2018): This post is based on PMBOK Guide, 4th Edition, and is now outdated. A newer version, which aligns with PMBOK Guide, 6th Edition, is available here: Work Performance Data, Work Performance Information and Work Performance Reports

Performance Reports

Performance Reports - PMBOK Guide Concepts

Performance Reports are an output of Report Performance process, which is under Monitoring and Controlling (M&C) process group and Project Communications Management Knowledge Area.

Purpose of Performance Reports

Performance Reports communicate project performance and status information with regard to scope, schedule, cost, quality, resources and risks to various stakeholders as per the Communication Management Plan. They provide organized and summarized project status, forecasts, earned value information, variance analysis, seller performance reports, significant achievements, status of risks, and project issues.

The reports can be in the form of bar charts, tables, histogram, S-Curves etc. Figure 10-15 in the PMBOK Guide, Fourth edition provides a very good sample of an earned value report.

Performance Reports as Input / Output

As per PMBOK Guide, Fourth Edition, Performance Reports are an output of:

  • Report Performance (M&C Process Group)

are an input to:

  • Manage Project Team (Executing Process Group)
  • Distribute Information (Executing Process Group)
  • Monitor and Control Project Work (M&C Process Group)
  • Monitor and Control Risks (M&C Process Group)
  • Administer Procurements (M&C Process Group)

Work Performance Information (WPI), Work Performance Measurements (WPMs) and Budget Forecasts are the key inputs used in generation of Performance Reports, in the Report Performance process. My equation is:

WPI + WPMs + Budget Forecasts => Performance Reports


The key point to note is that the focus of Performance Reports is communication. Performance Reports are used to communicate the project status to stakeholders. The distribution of Performance Reports is done as per the Communications Management Plan.

Stay tuned for the final article of this series where we’ll tie all the concepts together.

4-part series on WPI, WPM and Performance Reports

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