10 Articles which every PMP Aspirant must Read

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10 Articles which every PMP Aspirant must Read When I started this blog last year, the articles were focused on the PMP certification process like how to become a PMP, FAQs, audits etc. As time went on, I started focusing more on exam preparation, tips and study notes. The older posts got buried. For regular visitors, it’s not an issue as they know their way around the site well. But for new visitors, who are still finding their feet in the PMP universe, those older posts are more relevant. This article is an attempt to bring those stalwart posts of this blog back on top once again.

Top 10 must-read articles for PMP aspirants

  1. How to become a PMP in 6 Steps

    This article will help you jump-start your journey toward PMP certification. This was among the first three articles on this blog.
  2. FAQs about the PMP Certification Exam

    This page lists about 100 FAQs on the PMP certification exam. You'll start feeling at home after reading this page.
  3. 10 Benefits of PMI Membership

    This page addresses a common dilemma that may people face. PMI Member - to be or not to be?
  4. Directory of Best PMP Exam Resources on the Web

    This page is your one-stop-shop for the best PMP certification exam resources on the web.
  5. 7000+ Free Sample Questions for the PMP Certification Exam

    This is arguably the most comprehensive list of free sample questions for the PMP certification exam on the net.
  6. 5 Popular Myths about PMP Exam Passing Score

    This articles addresses the most common myths about PMP certification exam passing score. Another must read.
  7. How can I Avoid PMP Application Audit

    Learn to take a "proactive" approach toward PMP audit. Don't forget to read the "Related Articles" on that page.
  8. Top 5 Reasons People Fail the PMP Exam

    This article will help you avoid the common pitfalls of the PMP certification.
  9. PMP Certification Exam Study Notes

    This is not really an article per say, but rather an RSS feed on all the articles focused on exam preparation, study notes and project management. You'll find it handy when you actually start your preparation.
  10. PMP Certification Exam Lessons Learned

    This is another page with an RSS feed of hand-picked lesson learned posts from last 2 years - surely something that you'll treasure.

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thank. I've been reading your blog quite a bit the last couple of months. Do you have any suggestions for a case study about managing a project. I've learned a ton as a project manager, but would like reading a whole study on a few to get some more ideas.